What is Revitalise?


I've the privilege to assist many Business entrepreneurs across the uk & globally each month with the four core company values to Revitalise Connecting People Limited.

Connect -

Business Events.

Each month I bring together over 60 Business Entrepreneurs & Key influencers from across the UK, in a fully interactive break in the day, to recharge and take the opportunity of sparking inspiration from the new & exsisting connections in the UK & Ireland Business Industry.

Support -

Business Club.

It's an absolute pleasure to support over 70 business club members in starting the conversation, assisting with monthly activities that create opportunities and nuture strong business relationships.

Engage -

The Revitalise Membership Ambassador Team.

The team encourages engagement with all business club members in our communications.

Learn -

The RBC Network & Development Programme.

I have the absolute pleasure to support the Business Club members each month with providing assistance in developing their planning for the month ahead in their Business Development and Networking activities.

Each month the session is focused around a specific topic from my Revitalise 6 Keys to Effective Business Networking.

  • Planning & Preparation.
  • Understanding Your Why & Purpose.
  • Understanding the Brand that's YOU.
  • First Impressions/Lasting Impressions.
  • The Power of Follow Up.
  • Taking Action discovering the Opportunities.

The Members Insight Sessions,

Each month I host The Members Insight sessions exclusively for the Revitalise Business Club. we hear from business club members about their (Who) business journey, (What) exclusive deals and (How) services.

Let's start the conversation and see how Revitalise Connecting People can support your network.

Once you have registered and have paid your subscription. You will receive a joining email from the RBC team explaining the next step for your membership.

Yes, there is. Building strong business relations take time, so at the RBC it is recommended to be a member for a minimum of a 6-month period. This enables you to build rapport, trust and strong relations with your fellow members.

It would be great that you attend all meetings as part of your RBC membership, but we also understand there are unfortunate circumstances that will happen at times.

There are no penalties for missing a meeting and you do need to send a Substitute.

Please inform the team that you are unable to attend if you have already registered for a meeting / session.

This is a great opportunity to educate fellow RBC members on who you are, what you do and How we can help each other.

Send an email to event@revitalise-connect.com with your request.

The RBC membership is comprised of business leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and developers of SME’s.

The RBC membership is also available as a global network, national and multinational organisations.

The RBC membership is a business community that is both diverse and inclusive. Therefore, we accept individuals who identify as a businessperson regardless of age, career stage, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

Yes, you can, 6 months membership can be paid in full in a one lump sum or as a direct debit over a 6-month duration. (please note the membership T&C is full and binding and payable even if Cancelled during the 6 Month Term)

A membership renewal reminder will be sent by email to you 30 days prior to your renewal.

At this time, you can confirm your renewals or cancel your automatic renewal notice.

There is a ticket price of £15 to attend monthly business events, each month we host a national event on the last Wednesday and an Ireland event on the first Wednesday of each month.

Education is a main component of the RBC membership and monthly business events.

Yes, there will be guest speakers at each monthly event who create their talks around the vent topic.

Yes, all RBC activities are 100% held online at thus time, due to present covid restrictions and requirements.

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